The Lunchtime Splurge: TriBeCa

pakistanteahouseThe lunchtime splurge is one of the easiest ways to blow money. Let’s face it: there are mornings when you just refuse to drag your butt out of bed ten minutes early to make a sandwich which will sit under your desk all morning releasing questionable aromas until you choke it down. And it feels good to get out of the office at midday and spoil yourself with fresh, hot food once in a while. The key is finding the lunch deals to keep your splurges affordable.

pakistan-foodIf you’re working downtown, I recommend Pakistan Tea House (176 Church St., Manhattan–map). Seinfeld may have given authentic Pakistani food a bad rap, but here it is thriving—the line is filled with Pakistani Americans, which is always a good sign. And you can get a vegetable combo with a choice of three dishes and rice that will fill you for two lunches for just $5.99.

It’s a quick takeout stop so you can hustle back to work with your decidedly better-smelling meal, or if it’s nice out and your boss isn’t a Nazi, stroll over a block and enjoy your meal in City Hall Park. Just watch out for the squirrels and pigeons.


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