TfaB: Dumpling Wars: Conclusion

img_0647Yes, I lined them up like the winners of the Westminster Dog Show.

  1. Prosperity Dumpling (map)
  2. Vanessa’s Dumpling House (map)
  3. Tasty Dumpling (map)
  4. Fried Dumpling (map)

My extremely scientific study shows that unless you have a thing for artificial soccer fields you can skip Columbus Park altogether. Both Eldridge Street shops beat out their Columbus counterparts in texture and freshness, and while the top three are all good enough to put smiles on our faces, Fried Dumpling is all frowns.

Lastly, Eldridge St. is closer to the F train, which brought me home just before I died of a sodium overdose.

Did I miss your favorite spot? Let me know in Comments and I’ll include it in my further research.

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  1. I was studying at NYU a couple of days ago, and had read for about 15 minutes when I decided it was time for a dinner break. I’d seen your post that morning, so I decided to head over to Prosperity for some dumplings with a friend.

    It was a longer and bitterer walk than I’d expected, but you were right — the dumplings were totally worth it. So worth it, in fact, that I ate 18 of them. And some sesame pancake (also good!) That wasn’t the best idea, but it allows me now to testify that the boiled dumplings are as good as the fried ones, and the vegetables and pork filling is as good as chives and pork. And the prices are incredible — all dumplings are five for a dollar, and the rest of the menu is just as cheap. Thanks, Penny Palate.

  2. I was that friend. And Jamie C. forgot to mention another reason why Prosperity wins–the hard-working Chinese man at the counter didn’t even charge us for all of the gazillion dumplings we had. At the end of our meal I asked, “how much?” and he just shrugged his shoulders. I guess one loses count after frying them all day. So take that $2-Fried Dumpling-woman!

    It was surprisingly hard to calculate how much we owed and digest so many dumplings at the same time. But we did our best. We walked out smelling like dumpling grease, but happy. Thanks, Penny Palate.

  3. For good dumplings and restaurants that look–and smell–like their counterparts in China, head to Flushing.

  4. On Sunday I was planning on getting post-Saturday food at Prosperity, but ended up stopping at Vanessa’s, since I saw it first on Eldrige and was hungry. Chaos might have reigned in terms of the number of people waiting to get dumplings, but it was pretty quick. I got the fried pork dumplings (4), steamed vegetable dumplings (12 for a few more dollars), and a egg sesame pancake. The pancake was awesome, eggy and tasty. I had gotten it to go and made the 20 minute walk home, and the pork dumplings were still warm and tasty. The vegetable dumplings were okay, but not as interesting, likely because they were steamed and not fried. Hot sauce and soy sauce improved them and it was probably slightly better for me to eat at least some vegetables during the meal. Basically, I got super full on $5.50 or so.

    And while not a dumpling or Chinese place, you should check out Snack Dragon at Avenue B and 3rd Street. The tacos aren’t huge, but they’re super tasty, and they make a dish called quack and cheese which is quinoa with cheese. It’s not a huge meal overall, but two tacos and an extra something make for a full meal.

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