Does this tortilla make me look fat?

When pennywatcher Claire G recommended a mythical $3 burrito I assumed one of the following had to be true:

1.    It was the size of a fingerling potato.
2.    It contained only rice. Maybe a few beans.
3.    It made customers horribly ill.

burrito1But after ordering and savoring a delicious burrito and waiting an entire week for any adverse effects to materialize (they didn’t), I can tell you that Spanish Harlem’s Tacolandia (2131 3rd Avenue, Manhattan–map) is a cheap eater’s hidden treasure.

In this single room hole-in-the-wall, you can watch the women at the counter stuff a tortilla with so much meat (we recommend the spicy pork), rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, and sauce that its innards inevitably explode out the bottom onto your plate—the plastic forks and knives aren’t just for show. What the bulbous giant loses in presentation points it gains back in spicy flavor.

If you get burrito-ed out, try tacos for $2 or huaraches and tortas for $4. No matter what you choose, it’s near impossible to spend more than $5 on a meal, unless you want to come out looking as over-stuffed as your burrito.


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  1. We prepare them here in Mexico for about $1 dollar per burrito, sometimes less. $3 dollars would be on the expensive side for us.

  2. If you can’t get over the thought of eating Babe or Wilbur, I thought the chicken was just as good as the pork…

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