2 bros, 2 branches, $1

2brosThe sign outside 2 Bros Pizza in the East Village (32 St. Mark’s Place, Manhattan–map) still says “Grand Opening Special: Pizza Slice $1.00.” The place has been open for at least a year, and now has a second location in Chelsea (601 6th Ave, Manhattan–map), but the special is grand enough that they’re still dishing it out today.

The pizza’s not Di Fara, but it’s on par with most of the $3 slices you can get in this city. The crust is thin and light and it’s topped with ample, fresh-tasting tomato sauce and cheese. Cheap eaters come in droves, so there’s always a fresh pizza coming out of the oven and your slice is always piping hot.

Don’t be turned away by the line out the door. When everyone’s ordering the same thing, that line rolls through in no time. That’s clearly the case here; the only question is how many you can eat.

2 Bros is a great deal, but it’s not the only $1 slice in town. Check back later for write-ups of Mamani’s and 99 Cents Fresh Pizza, and let us know if we’ve missed one!


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