Poor Frank!


Bruegel's "The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony"

In today’s New York Times, Frank Bruni does the unthinkable: he roots out meals so cheap that two people can enjoy them for under $99 (not including beverages)! Such restraint! Such humility!

In the land of two-digit prices Bruni acts like an overfed goldfish, ingesting everything he sees. At one restaurant, which prices its entrees in hobo range ($16-22), Bruni finds the extra cash to devour four courses. Pre-appetizer snacks? Really?

Bruni calls this “an experiment for lean times.” But sticking to his “budget” would cost $3,000 a month–$500 more than the average New Yorker’s monthly rent. Apparently it’s not just the bankers who are delusional.

Frugal Frank won’t qualify for the Pennywatcher of the week award, but his colleague Oliver Schwaner-Albright just might. Check out his excellent “$25 and under” article, in the very same NYT edition, for restaurant tips that real people may actually be able to afford. I’d say he needs a raise, but I wouldn’t want it to go to his head–or his gut.


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