Happy Hour of the Week: T.G. Whitney’s

When I think of Midtown East, many images race through my mind: jewelry stores and boutiques, skyscrapers buzzing like beehives with businessmen, a line of rich European high schoolers around the block outside of Abercrombie and Fitch. But as of last week, I’ll also be thinking of free food.

dscn3195As far as drinks go, T.G. Whitney’s (244 E. 53rd St., Manhattan–map) happy hour is not spectacular: $3 Miller pints, $4 Yeungling pints, $5 cosmopolitans. The reason to park at this Irish pub is its free grub, every Tuesday and Wednesday between 6 and 9.

Grab a drink and take a seat at one of the many tables–on the night I went there wasn’t much of a crowd. Within an hour, a food fairy will appear from the kitchen with plates of chicken fingers, chicken wings, and potato skins, along with the requisite blue cheese and honey mustard for dipping. It may not be the gourmet the midtown crowd is used to, but it’ll provide the comfort that they won’t be getting from their bonuses this year.


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