Thai food for a Song

Getting a quality Thai meal for under $10 is near impossible anywhere, especially in New York. But in the heart of Park Slope, one restaurant comes in under that mark with room to spare.

song1The entrees at Song (295 5th Avenue, Brooklyn–map) range from $5 to $8 for their priciest seafood dish–the cost of a lunch special at most joints. They pile on so much delicious, spicy food that it’s a challenge to finish a plate even without appetizers, which are equally generous and all under $5.

With this knowledge, I’d expect a hole in the wall. But Song doesn’t skimp on decor, either. The interior is trendy almost to a fault, with mood lighting, modern furniture, and pulsing music on the speakers. If that’s not enough to make it seem like a club, you should also be prepared for a line of folks waiting to feed their curry craving. But this isn’t the Meatpacking District. Once you get inside, it’s just normal people enjoying a very abnormal deal.


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  1. This place is good, I agree! Lots of vegetarian choices, and even tasty tropical drinks with umbrellas.

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