Food before friends

66303-bklIf you’re like me, you probably think fast food isn’t worth the little money it costs. But you also have a secret craving for it that you can only justify feeding when it’s free. Right now, Burger King is offering not just a free Whopper, but also an excuse to do something else you’ve been wanting to do for a long time: give Facebook the middle finger.

By installing “Whopper Sacrifice,” which may prove to be the only useful Facebook application ever, you’ll get the opportunity to cut ten people from your friend list in exchange for a free Whopper. It’s your chance to dump all those random friends you don’t actually know, people across the country who share your last name, or just people you’re mad at. The best part is that the application posts a highly visible update on everyone you’ve de-friended so far, so your e-cruelty is plain to all.

One might call BK’s new campaign antisocial. I like to think they’re just promoting actual social interaction over internet stalking.


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