A burrito for two

dscn3398I’ve seen a lot of burritos in my day, but when the waiter at Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana (968 Amsterdam Ave., Manhattan–map) in Morningside Heights placed a giant carnitas burrito in front of me, I was momentarily speechless. It may not have been big enough to be mistaken for a terrorist’s weapon, but it could easily have passed for a body builder’s forearm.

Once you tackle the challenge of how to get it in your mouth, the results are heavenly. The pulled spicy pork is tender and meaty, offset perfectly by rice and black beans. With the addition of three different salsas–red, green, and spicy avacado–that come with your gratis tortilla chips, the burrito has just the right kick and plenty of flavor.

The burrito will run you about $9, but have no fear. With the tortilla chips to back it up, the package is easily enough to fill two people. And the hole-in-the-wall decor of the restaurant belies excellent service, generosity, a wide range of authentic fare, and even a classy glass of wine for $4.


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