An affordable Korean lesson

When I started working in Koreatown in midtown Manhattan, I was shocked to find that it was just as expensive as the rest of midtown. My hopes for cheap Korean eats were dashed, until I discovered Woorijip (12 W 32nd St., Manhattan–map).

woorijipThis a la carte, cash only joint has a huge variety of Korean favorites (most of which end in -bap) for very reasonable prices. You can load up at the hot bar for $6.50 per pound, or pick from a range of boxed options. A tupperware tub of kimchi bibimbap (a spicy vegetable fried rice) costs $3. A big order of spicy chicken and rice rings up at $4. A hefty roll of kimbap (similar to a sushi roll) goes for $3.50-$4.50–the spicy squid roll that I tried had fresh ingredients, the perfect balance of squid and vegetables, and a spicy kick.

My experience with Korean food is admittedly limited, and I salivate when I think about the education my proximity to Woorijip is going to afford me.

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  1. […] to immerse myself in a completely unfamiliar cuisine–at least as much of it as they serve at Woorijip, the only K-town joint I can afford. But nothing’s cheaper than cooking at home. So I was […]

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