Feed me baby one more time

The seasonal haute-cuisine restaurant Park Avenue Winter (a.k.a. Spring, Summer, and Fall, 100 E. 63rd St., Manhattan) is just the kind of place that draws wealthy socialites like the characters from the CW’s hit show Gossip Girl. So it makes sense that the restaurant is going to be featured in an upcoming episode. This week’s P.A.W. promotion is a bit more surprising.

britneyspearscatholicschooloutfitTo celebrate its television fame, from today, March 16, through Friday, March 20, Park Avenue Winter is giving away a free meal to any girl, of any age, dressed in a school uniform. Girls 21 and over get two rounds of free drinks–probably better than the screwdrivers in Tropicana bottles you used to conceal in your purse. Perhaps they’re expecting to draw legions of Horace Mann students and alums, who’ll be happy to come back in the future and spend wads of money. Little did they know that once their deal hit the blogosphere, they’d really be attracting scavengers like you and me.

Girls: if you didn’t go to a private school, you know you still have that Britney Spears costume tucked in the back of your closet. It needn’t fit perfectly–style and dignity are unimportant when a free gourmet meal is on the line.

Guys: if you’re that hungry then best of luck to you. You might want to consider shaving your legs.

The tip, from Eater.

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