Not your dad’s milkshake…but maybe your great great granddad’s

shakeRemember when a frosty milkshake cost just a nickel? Neither do I. But this Thursday, Brooklyn hot spot The Bell House (149 7th St., Brooklyn–map) is putting those bygone deals to shame, offering their take on the shake free of charge, starting at 9 PM.

A shot of history: back when milkshakes were invented in the late 19th century, they were often used as health tonics, fighting consumption with one key ingredient: whiskey. Pesky prohibition did away with the whiskey-laced shake, but it couldn’t wipe it from our memory entirely (in fact, Prohibition probably made everyone’s memory a bit clearer).

makersThe Bell House’s vanilla whiskey shake is a throwback to the good old days. And they ain’t using rotgut, either. They’re mixing their shakes with Maker’s Mark, aged at least five and a half years in weathered oak barrels to create a bourbon of consistently outstanding quality, one of the best to come out of Kentucky. The stuff’s not cheap, so tip your tender well. After all, she may be helping you fight off the TB, or at least a nasty case of sobriety.

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  1. Whiskey in the shake– fascinating. I love it. I have been known to spike my protein shakes with chocolate liqueur and sip on that at my desk. Pretty delicious.

    So did you try the Bell House’s shake? I wonder if there is anywhere here in Mich that sells one.

    It reminds me of The Road to Wellville, have you seen that movie? But this would be the juxtaposition to Kellogg’s sanitarium 🙂 Awesome!

  2. They were actually already out when I got there, but I’m keeping an eye out for others/eventually going to make one of my own. Just need to get a blender…

  3. This milkshake sounds like THE BEST. Too bad The Bell House is soooooooooooooooooo hidden away in Brooklyn; I made a trip from Williamsburg to it once, and it took me ten hours to get home.

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