Happy Hour of the Week: One year for EVT

evtIn this climate, it’s worth celebrating if a new restaurant can stay open for a month. East Village Tavern (158 Avenue C, Manhattan–map) has made it an entire year, and they’re spreading the wealth this Friday with a free open bar from 6-8 pm.

EVT gets the job done by having something for everyone: the beer enthusiast–16 rotating taps with a wide and seasonal selection of American craft brews; the food lover–a high end, seasonal bar food menu; even the dive hound–Big Buck Hunter and pinball. It’s no wonder that you find yourself among a diverse crowd.

EVT’s got a great happy hour to begin with: Monday through Friday from 4-7 drafts are $3, well drinks are $4, and sliders are $2. But nothing beats an open bar. Knock off work and get there early (these things do tend to fill up), and it will be a happy birthday for them and you.

Happy Hour of the Week: drinks to Coo over

cooventsThe guys at Coovents.com have been making it their business to point you to the best happy hours in New York at any given time (as of 10:22 on a Thursday morning, it’s $3.50 Bud and Coors at O’Hanlons in the East Village). Tonight they’re proving they know a good happy hour by throwing their own.

The first official Coovents Get Happy Hour is tonight from 8-10 at Tonic East (411 3rd Ave, Manhattan–map). Just show up, and your first drink is free–no lists, RSVPs, or covers required. Because the Coovents staff are gentlemen (or desperate, you decide), ladies keep drinking for free from 8-9.

If you’re near Gramercy, make sure you check it out. There’s no better way to pay tribute to a useful website then to hit them up for free booze (The Penny Palate Happy Hour has been postponed indefinitely due to, um, the recession or something).

Happy Hour of the Week: George Washington would have drunk here

clong_islandFort Greene, Brooklyn (called Fort Putnam at the time), played a key role in shielding George Washington’s retreat during the Battle of Brooklyn. Could there be a better place to celebrate our fearless commander and first president’s birthday? This year, a brand new pub has enlisted to help.

bphBrooklyn Public House (247 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn–map) is the project of three Fort Greene residents who turned a deserted old candy shop into a first-rate pub serving comfort food (wings, ribs, pan pizza), 16 tap beers, and 35 bottles. It’s opening to the public for the first time tonight.

While I recommend checking it out ASAP, the real Happy Hour of the Week comes on Sunday–the mid-point of your three day weekend (if your job doesn’t suck). After a blessing by a priest, BPH will host an open bar from 6 to 8, and throw in some samples from the food menu as well. If you happen to ring in President’s Day with a hangover, just be glad you’re not eating hard-tack and using dirt for coffee grounds.

the tip, from Thrillist

Happy Hour of the Week: Moe’s

moes1In some ways, the Moe’s in Fort Greene (80 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn–map) is like the Moe’s in The Simpsons. It’s a comfortable bar where the neighborhood crowd gathers after a long day of work. Just replace the bitter old man with a young, friendly bartender, the homogenous yellow power plant crowd with a conglomeration of all ages, colors, and styles, and the drunken warbling with an eclectic playlist, and often a live DJ spinning vinyl.

Add 2 for 1 pints and $1 off well drinks from 3:00 to 7:30 every day, and you get a lively yet intimate spot in a classy little neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Atlantic Avenue subway hub. Dos Equis dark pints are just $3 normally, so during Happy Hour you’ll ring up at $1.50 apiece.

Happy Hour of the Week: T.G. Whitney’s

When I think of Midtown East, many images race through my mind: jewelry stores and boutiques, skyscrapers buzzing like beehives with businessmen, a line of rich European high schoolers around the block outside of Abercrombie and Fitch. But as of last week, I’ll also be thinking of free food.

dscn3195As far as drinks go, T.G. Whitney’s (244 E. 53rd St., Manhattan–map) happy hour is not spectacular: $3 Miller pints, $4 Yeungling pints, $5 cosmopolitans. The reason to park at this Irish pub is its free grub, every Tuesday and Wednesday between 6 and 9.

Grab a drink and take a seat at one of the many tables–on the night I went there wasn’t much of a crowd. Within an hour, a food fairy will appear from the kitchen with plates of chicken fingers, chicken wings, and potato skins, along with the requisite blue cheese and honey mustard for dipping. It may not be the gourmet the midtown crowd is used to, but it’ll provide the comfort that they won’t be getting from their bonuses this year.

Happy Hour of the Week: A Lesson in Beer

4apThe late Brit beer critic and writer Michael Jackson (not the pallid pedophile) taught the world that an educated palate is as important for beer as it is for wine and food. There’s no better place to learn than one of Brooklyn’s favorite bars, 4th Avenue Pub (76 4th Avenue, Brooklyn—map).

4AP has a vast rotating selection of international beers and domestic micro brews on tap. The friendly bartenders will give you a sample of anything you want to help you make your decision. One even claims to be able to pick a beer for you based on your favorite type of tree—I’ll reserve judgment on that technique. Once you make your pick, you can complement it with unlimited helpings from the self-serve popcorn machine.

There’s no better time to visit than from 3 pm to 8 pm every weekday, when all drinks in the bar are $2 off for happy hour. That means $3 for a delicious pint of a beer you didn’t know existed—it’s an Oxford beer education at community college prices.

Happy Hour of the Week: Whiskey Town has your medicine this Thursday

bottleshot1As the economy keeps tanking, no commodity is in hotter demand than whiskey (closely followed by vodka, rum, and gin). Liquor companies, like lawyers, make a killing off of the misery of others. But for one night this week, Whiskey Town (29 E. 3rd St., Manhattan—map), 8coupons.com, and a man named Evan are teaming up to help you forget your woes (and perhaps create a host of new ones) for cheap.

whiskey-town1Head to Whiskey Town this Thursday (11/13/08) between 6:30 and 9:30 and get unlimited Evan Williams bourbon, however you like it, for 88 cents a glass. Why 88 cents? It’s the “Ocho Loco” deal from 8coupons.com. To cash in, go to this website and follow the link to text the coupon to your phone. When you get to the bar, show the doorman your coupon and you’re set to throw ‘em back like a homeless former I-banker.

With a thousand smiles, they’re practically free…

When you finally finish work and flee the office on a Monday evening, do you want to:

a.)    Go home, deal with the mess that is your house (and perhaps your life), and spend an hour cooking dinner

b.)    Grab a beer, bury your face in a plate of wings, and attempt to forget that you have four more workdays ahead before the weekend

If you said B, head to Croxley Ales (28 Avenue B, Manhattan). Every Monday and Wednesday from 5 pm to 1 am Croxley churns out chicken wings for 10 cents apiece—that’s two bucks for a platter of 20.

The joint is understandably crowded at these times, but the wing maestros are prepared. Even if you can’t find a seat at the bar, much less a table, you can order from the friendly bartenders and have wings in your stomach (and all over your face) within ten minutes. Despite the low-cost and quick service, the wings are first-rate—crisp on the outside, juicy interior, smothered in tangy BBQ or fiery buffalo sauce. Wash them down with a pint of the weekly beer special ($4) and you’ll feel like a new person. At least until you wake up with food hangover on Tuesday.

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