Healthy Tuck for a Buck?

I’ve gotten a couple of comments from would-be Pennywatchers warning me of the havoc my cheap diet will wreak on my insides. Apparently bacon, nachos, and hot dogs topped with beef aren’t the surefire way to six-pack abs.

apple-braeburnSo I’ve been begrudgingly surfing for health-conscious options as well. This week these efforts led me (via the New York Times Well blog) to Divine Caroline, who lists the top 20 healthy foods you can pick up for under a dollar. Her suggestions range from the most obvious (apples and broccoli), to some you might not have thought of (sardines and pumpkin seeds). And to my joy, she includes eggs, which the experts have now deemed healthy, at least for this week.

So if you’re trying to decide whether your New Year’s resolution should be to eat healthier or to save money, check out the site and do both.