The remains of the day, Part II

turkeycarcass1Earlier this week, I asked readers for tips on how best to use Thanksgiving leftovers. It seems that Penny watchers love their turkey in its purest state–sometimes without even reheating. But they had a few creative suggestions as well:

Dorothy Y. pointed out that there’s more to a leftover sandwich than the leftovers: she recommends piling turkey, stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes on homemade rosemary bread. Try this bread recipe from

Turkey Lover is a fan of the turkey pot pie, “with a pie crust bottom, turkey and whatever other leftovers fit (for example, we have green beans every year) inside, and a top crust of mashed potatoes that gets crispy in the oven. A sprinkling (or more) of stuffing on top makes a great finishing touch.” For cooking instructions, check out this recipe from Recipezaar.

Karen B. likes an old world recipe for a new world holiday: she recommends Nigel Slater’s recipe for spicy turkey curry, which you can find at the Too Many Chefs blog.

And as Dorothy points out, be sure to boil your turkey bones and carcass, with any onion and carrot peels or celery ends you have lying around, for an hour or so to make stock. Use it in soups and stews, or in place of water when you cook rice or couscous or simmer veggies.

For more tips, check out these recipe lists from Better Homes and Gardens (our favorite: layered turkey enchiladas) and Gourmet (our favorite: the breakfast turkey hash).

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, and don’t feel bad about gorging—you’re just storing up layers for a cold winter.

The remains of the day

turkeycarcassOur country’s annual celebration of excess (and gratitude and humility, of course) is almost upon us. All that excess means a lot of leftovers. This Black Friday, I’ll offer tips for what to do with the messy remains of your Thanksgiving meal. But as much as I love my Mom’s turkey stew, I know some of the best suggestions will come from you (or your mom).

Leave your favorite secrets—sandwiches, casseroles, pies, soups, and anything else you’ve created—and stories here in comments, or contact us. I’ll cull all the best ideas I can find and report back on Friday in time for your first of many leftover meals.