Another slice, another dollar

After my first taste of $1 pizza, I needed more. But I figured if I can’t mix up the toppings, I might as well change my source. So I headed to Tompkins Square Park in the East Village, home of Mamani (151 Ave. A, Manhattan–map).

On the surface, Mamani is quite different from 2 Bros. There’s less seating–only three tables–and a much more varied menu, boasting halal food, fish sticks, and unidentifiable fried balls. But when it comes to what’s important–pizza and price, the two are strikingly similar.

Mamani’s pizza has the same thin, airy crust. It’s less filling, but still has a nice crispness and flavor. The cheese and sauce are similarly fine, but nothing to go crazy over. Mamani has a much smaller crowd, which is great if you’re in a hurry, but also means the pizzas aren’t as fresh and hot as they are down the road. The verdict: if you don’t mind a bit of a line, 2 Bros has the edge. But if you like eating in the park, Mamani’s location can’t be beat.


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